Wednesday , January 20 2021

Tottenham remains alive, and works well in Naples

A capital match. On Wednesday night, all eyes were in the Parc des Princes. PSG played against Liverpool on the fifth day of the UEFA Champions League. But the other meetings were held on the four corners of the old continent. In London, Tottenham (3 points and 4 points) welcomed the almost decisive B team in Inter Milan (2 and 7 points). The Englishman was completely alive while waiting for survival. Italians to qualify for FC Barcelona. To achieve this goal, Mauricio Pochettino, Trippier or Dembélé, won 4-2-3-1 with a point by Harry Kane. We met eleven French Hugo Lloris and Moussa Sissoko. In his role, Luciano Spalletti used the same system to attack Mauro Icardi in hell. Initially, the English played a good and fast pressure on their opponents, and they went forward.

Tottenham offers essentials

Harry Kane, whose centerpiece was not far behind at Handanovic (7th), before Lucas entered the box at the speed. The judge thought he was not guilty (8th). Then, on the 11th, Kan served for Dele Alli, a player who included several players, but did not shoot. Despite the choices, Londoners were not dangerous. Initially, with the annoyance of Spurs aggressively, Nerazzur made many mistakes in the face of Icardi (caused by Alderweireld on the 28th). But Tottenham did not leave. In the minute 30, Moussa Sissoro started the counterattack on the right, on the Dele Alli axis. The English passed the ball to Lucas. Brazil emptied his shot on the right. A few moments later, Winks, who served Luk in the middle, sent a powerful kick. Handanovic increased his cross (minute 38).
In front, Milan can also score. In the 43th minute instead of wounding Nainggolan, instead of Valero, only in the center of the box, he inherited the ball. But the Spaniard overthrown and got an opponent. Both teams returned to the quarterfinals (0-0). After the break, the Inter Milan attack. After a collective action started by Valero, Vecino, in the retirement service, did not enter his shot (in the 48th). On the contrary, he also put intensity in English and he defiled his defense with Lucas (52), Dele Alli (67) and Vertonghen (70). Under pressure, Spurs did not fail, in front of the well-disciplined Lombards, with the shots that were confronted with Perisic, and Lloris left the parrot with a powerful shot. A game later, for a moment, Sisius crossed the Italian defense against Eriksen and immediately entered. Dane Handanovic adjusted flat on foot (1-0, 80). After a new anti-Lloris match, Ambrosio (84th edition) did not move the score. Tottenham won 1-0. Succeeding in the victory of Inter Milan. Everything will be played on the final day of the two teams (7 points). Spurs will go to Barcelona while Inter will receive the PSV.

Napoli works well

In the same team, FC Barcelona (1 point, 10 points) won PSV Eindhoven (point 4). On this occasion, Ernesto Valverde, Suarez, Umtiti or Sergi Roberto has suffered several injuries. The Spanish technician, therefore, betged 4-3-3 with the trio Coutinho-Messi-Dembélé. Quickly, both teams increased their chances. At 16, De Jong chose the left control shot before joining Steg. On the opposite, Coutinho (19th), Vidal (35a) or Messi (42) answered him. But in the minute 45, De Jong was annoyed by Ter Stegen. Bergwijn went on well, but the German goalkeeper jumped the ball (0-0). The second time started again at the same pace. Laughter found networks for the unforeseeable Messi before losing many players (0-1, 61). In a free kick by a flea, Piqué led PSV 70 (0-2). De Jong (83) scored, but scored 2-1. The Catalonian club (13 points) has consolidated its first position.
The poster on the C Group, PSG and Liverpool made the first page. But the fans of Paris also had an eye on the C group meeting, Naples (6 points) against the Star Red in Belgrade (4 points). He was forced to take part in the party. But in the first half (0-0) they had to face an amazing Serbian team that raffled. However, Napoli scored in the 11th minute. After the corner of the corner of Mertens, Hamsik entered the net (1-0, 11). It is clear, especially, that the men of Carlo Ancelotti had the opportunity to join Red Stunt with Simic, one against Ospina. But in the 34th minute, Mertens doubled the right wing (2-0). He signed a double in the minute 52 (3-0). Although Ben Nabouhane was defeated by Belgium 3-1 and 57, Napoli was not shaken and dominated. Italian team C.

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