Saturday , January 28 2023

Trump threatens General Motors after his social plan


Donald Trump threatened Tuesday with General Motors, who was annoyed by the United States President, forbidding thousands of industrial jobs in politically decisive situations.

"General Motors is very disappointed," tweeted the president. "The United States has saved General Motors and we are DELETED here, apart from refusing subsidies, including electric cars," he added.

The country's most important automobile said its restructuring maintained the future as "a way of maintaining and growing America's employment".

He also recalled that US $ 22 million was invested in US production since 2009 and has been funded by US taxpayers.

"We appreciate the actions of this administration on behalf of the sector to improve US industry competitiveness," the company added as an olive branch.

Donald Trump does not leave cars from Monday to GM's prediction to cut off thousands of jobs in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland.

BILATARIA built its campaign to return to the industrial employment of the United States, and it was largely due to the votes of the United States that led to globalization becoming a destructive deindustrialization.

Trump, who is already actively campaigning for the election of 2020, needs voice again.

"I am here for American Workers Protection!", He promised on Twitter.

His spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, knocked her nails. "The Lehendakari has invested heavily in industrial return to the United States, which is why 400,000 new industrial jobs have been created in the United States." he said.

"To tell the truth, this story is not a car that wants to buy anyone, we expect adjustments and recovery from these employees," he added.

But, as usual, the president threatened without details. In this way, subsidies for the purchase of electric cars are subsidized by all manufacturers of this type of vehicle, and it seems that Mr. Trump can only remove GM customers.

Slimming instructions

General Motors announced a serious weight loss on Tuesday with thousands of cuts, justifying this measure to make it more competitive in the industrial revolution.

In total, in 2019, 15% of the GM's employment will be deducted from the end of production to seven areas: one in Canada, four in the United States and two in North America.

At the end of 2020 there is a saving of six million dollars. 12-13,000 jobs – GM could not cross-refer – Only the worst concern in the United States is that the car in the crises has already been damaged.

Canada has also been damaged. On Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau were "damaged" by the GM who were "worried" about the dire situation of the affected workers, the Canadian executive office said.

The White House, a little later, confirmed in return for the MM summit. Trump and Trudeau, both men remind them of "despair."


GM, like Ford, are based on traditional vehicles like cars, cars and connected vehicles, most common vehicles and American cars. Americans prefer sedans.

According to a criticism from the President and the Democratic opposition, Chuck Schumer's Senate leader was "puzzled in the womb of Ohio, Michigan and Maryland workers", GM delivered the "I" points after the president's attack in a few hours.

"Many of the workers affected by the action (the ones that had been predicted on the previous day) will be able to work on other GM plants, where we need more employees to get pick-up, vehicle growth (sales), cross-fertilization," says the group's press release.

It will also create automobile electrification and autonomy revolution.

The prediction of General Motors is bad for the moment, because the team gets strong profits: only in the third quarter of 2.53 million.

The results released on October 31 are congratulatory to Wall Street, especially as GM has shown that average American car prices have risen, especially in the United States, where sales have dropped by 11%.

Detroit giants improved margins, including the average price of a vehicle, including large cars (pick-ups, SUVs and cross-country cars), from $ 800 to $ 36,000. On average, $ 4,000 is more than competitive prices, says GM

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