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Urgent Prize (Gr.III): A charm full of gold


Urgent Prize (Gr.III): A charm full of gold

Full of charm

The horse is not reserved
It has not won 145,000 euros, Prix Urgent has received no better results
generation Feel Cash, Hardware store and other Oak tree fadoand leave
The "second roles" free path. It may not be worth it
cracks, Full of charm Thus, it has a golden commitment
night platoon

Third final of the Louis Tillaye awards (Part III)
For the same reason, he did not get to the same level on that day
The competitors give hard time to Eric Group members
Raffin. He was difficult to see in a course, he already did
with his two victories, fortunately
according to that. Once again, his jockey must see the issue, but he himself
It's clear that this paper, especially the son of Texas Charmen, is a logical one
so that the small number of beginners is beneficial.

The second Full of charm In the first step, on October 31, this course, Fix it has it
In the same way that he continues his satisfaction with his follower,
marking an additional asset, thanks to Franck Nivard horseback. yes
Repeating his last note, he announces it as his most serious rival

Almost as rich
Full of charm, Forbes Give It It was outstanding in the small track
Mid-October, but disappointed at Louis Tillaye. Even though he was
We believe that paper has such good theoretical cases
never got to the big track …

Absolutely irreproachable
Since the spring debut competition, Fuelle de Houelle riding
The category tries to take advantage of Thursday and the least losses.

I also apologize
Many of the riders who have won a great victory have won, Fiji
there would be no choice. He proved his ability
It will invent big tracks and a lot.

France, Brazil has erased
Best of Saint-Léger des Trotteurs, then Prix de Essai
(fifth), but it remains two disabilities

How is it? he has it
He won the only outing in Enghien this summer and must do it
It is a high level proof.

Type Agency,
11/29/2018 5:55:00 CET

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