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"Vataman can shine"

Day pro

Before the race


"Vataman can shine"

Christophe Cheminaud is busy today on Friday in Pauen. He works on the first race in the Vatican, where he counts.

– Christophe, what do you think of Vataman's choices (108)?

Instead, I supplemented the soil because it was smooth and well
I'm totally recovered and still raining, I try at this level. Is one
Despite the fact that I have a deep track and rising value, I think
shine gay "

– Are you shamboy (409) and Kenrisk (415) confident?

"Shamboy has not played badly lately.
Of course, I think it's a competition. Kenrisk's first test
It is not particularly disturbing. He'll have to finish it
This winter does not always happen. "

– Have you got flat Chic Boy (604)?

The meeting started well. The horse is beautiful. But it remains
The form will not be penalized for its new departure. "

– Meeting other launchers?

"Running (701) Stiffens hard in the discipline. We're looking for a small place. Black Diva (805) They will run. "

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