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Vertigo's Chenu can successfully upgrade PARIS TURF


Vertigo of Chenu will be linked to Eric Raffin

Vertigo of Chenu will be linked to Eric Raffin

This Thursday, January 31, will be held at the Prix de Langeais in Vincennes. The candidate with a percentage of 7 to 10 years old has earned € 471,000 from the 2,850-meter high track. A conversion is € 264,000 and this event will be € 64,000. Vertigo of Chenu seems to reconnect to success in a vacuum.

Very remarkable right now at this level, Chenu's vertigo (17-Éric Raffin)It promises to be wonderful Langeais price. Iric Raffinen, the last two of the last year, has been third Brest price, The interchange between Câlin de Morge and Coach Franquoise, once again, with our daily partner and our interest in the course. Even if it's a long distance, it'll be back again and find the best conditions for this quintet. His coach, Jean-Michel Baudouin, expects good results on Thursday:

"He played very well lately, it was a cold after an initial account and he could not take the train on his own, in races, he was very brave, he has a very good commitment and probably will be the best driver for the first time. . "

We will face it first Hug of Morge (14-Franck Nivard)It has progressed lately Brest price. Besides, this is it Langeais priceHe will make his trip. From the sixth test on the second track, six tries on 2,850 meters, he took four places and dominated the season by 1 to 12 "9. Form was not far from True and his mentor David Haon seems to be confident:

"I responded to Brest's Prix. I did not have a good program at the beginning of the meeting. From now on, the races are closely tied. It seems that it has its own efforts, it tightened four feet, it's better. Foreigners too. It will be necessary to take a distance, but it is looking for conditions for the duration of the September. It has my confidence. "

Trainer Franbleu (15-Yoann Lebourgeois) He has a very good winter meeting, because he has won four wins. He did not deserve finally Brest price (fourth) and based on here.

To see the second position of Câlin de Morge again, Vertige de Chenu third place and Coach Fourth of France, at Brest Prix on January 19:

Blue Cobra (18-Stone Vercruysse) It is better and better, and it stays in the third place, including the one we are interested in. It will have a freshness for this Langeais price. Do not forget the first place in the fifth.

Balzac de Souvigné (8-Michel Lenoir) This event will be barefoot, because it is very rare. This configuration is effective, especially in the track where "D4" was four attempts and ended three times in the first. Here he will be able to free himself.

Godisson (9-David Thomain) Finally it ended very well, it took first access Jura Saria Big track with a daytime partner. She is very careful, her frenzy will not, it seldom disappoints in this configuration. It should be a winning combination.

Babylon Seven (7-Jean-Michel Bazire) It works better than its classifications and can talk about it again Langeais price. After some breaks, he rarely finds his feelings. He won twice a year in the courses he held in Vincennes. From now on, he said.

Cantin de Eclair (12-François Lagadeuc) The true value may be the finish. He will remain in his career for the third time, being uniform, and every time he has access. Do not forget to repeat old plays.

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