Thursday , July 7 2022

Vitorino Hilton has directed Ismaila Sarr •


Traveling to the Mosson stadium in Montpellier, Ismaila Sarr and Stade Rennais defeated La Paillade (Montpellier) (2-2). Senegal's striker prevented Barça from losing their penalty, led by Vitorino Hilton, Bourigeaud (71 & # 39;). In Mikro BeIn, Vitorino Hilton scored second in Rennes. "We know Penalty," Sarr said, "it's an attacker, as soon as it's coming out. I do not know if there's a contact. We've seen it only once, we do not see a slow move. Now, when we make a decision with VAR, we have to accept it." I do not know for sure that VAR had a great deal of support from one person to another, this notice was just as much a punishment. Sports Comments

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