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voids pointed out … and some failure should not be a trace in our moment.

Senegal voted for a massive vote on Sunday to elect the Republican president. Today, Thursday, February 28, Judge Demba Kandji, Chairman of the Census Bureau Committee, proclaimed provisional results.

I have seen this process closely and I think it. From the beginning, I would like to say that I agree with President Macky Sall. I did not vote … I voted for the opposition. I assume all responsibility.

But the opposition leaders have no evidence of seizure of Macky Sall's power to avoid calling the insurgency.

Always, if they can not, congratulate the winner in favor of Senegal.

Benno Bokk Yaakaar has to be a modest victory. Not only this election, but all those organized since 2012, have weakened the weight of Senegal for the major irregularities in the balance of democracy, but more than 40% in Senegal did not agree with you.

After being nominated for the Nigerian presidential election, President Mouhamadou Buhari said in a press conference: "I am not asking my supporters to hate or humiliate the opposition … Victory must be essential, their efforts. You do not have to.

The Senegals, my people, marking my great pride. Many have voted in peace and responsibility. The same day, some went back to work and occupations. In future, I think that the elections have been diverted from the beginning.

Archive remodeling, new voter charts, lack of dialogue, support, reduction of the number of five candidates … the result of the election was decisive.

This election is the only stage of our democratic march. And failure to indicate or failure of some would in any case not brake at our time.

A long republic live
And how long is Senegal?

Sidy Djimby NDAO
Journalist in Les Échos newspaper

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