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"Washers clean the city"

This is the story of a dead cousin, and there is no dignity to kill any place. All religions will ask for a comic stride in order to live together in a fundamental essential. Fortunately, a young group kept their hearts in the right place … The title "Duga" means Bambara's "wild boar", one of three languages ​​spoken in France and Mooré. It is known in Burkina Faso for its "Vis-à-vis" sitcom hit. Director Abdoulaye Dao is co-lead with Eric Lengani, director of Yennenga Gold Standard, Fespaco in 2019. Conversation

RFI: The story is based on two story ends: on the one hand, Rasman can not bury his cousin's body. On the other hand, the baby has thrown the trash that the young man receives.

Abdoulaye Dao: The story of cinema is about life, about our lives. Birth is the entry, the death is a departure from the land of life. If one is to confront problems and difficulties like this baby, nobody wants to be a corpse that wants to bury society. This shows a great social problem. The social fabric is endangering and breaking down. It's the interpellation to start thinking about the social fabric.

What are "wild boars"?

Scavengers are protected species. Scavenger is an animal that cleans the city. All the fleets, all smells, run by the City Council. The movie "human beings" are young movies. Coffee decor are objects to recover. Everything received, old pages, manage motorcycle breaks with great landscapes. Then they will help to bury the body. The young people who choose to leave the abandoned baby and return to social action. At the same time, the administration is not treated as well. "Men and women" will recover tomorrow "scavengers".

What is your religion's vision?

We have examined religious confessions, confused, inside, there are now "new prophets" that transmit very dangerous messages, fears and psychosis. And fears and psychoses create hatred. You think it's another enemy. When hatred arises, then violence is. That is, now that we live in our states and throughout the world.

The audience greatly laughed during the show.

Yes, I wanted to deal with a heavy and dumb skill, but I also wanted to laugh. It's wonderful. We laugh at movies, life and death. In one of Burkina Faso's films, there was a great deal of support for the population. After Fespaco, we will make a projection at home.

This year, three Burkinabe films are in gold standard. Is this a sign of good cinema in Burkina?

I think it gradually increases gradually: qualitatively and quantitatively. And that's good for the next few years. Over the next few years, I would like African-American audiovisual and film industry to achieve an acceptable level and to travel around the world.

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