Thursday , August 11 2022

Washington met in business with Huawei


The American authorities have launched a small country to dissuade companies from mobile phones and access to the Internet for the benefit of using the equipment of Chinois Huawei Technologies, from Beijing to access a sensitive information, say Friday November 23 le Wall Street Journal.

From responsible American governments, where I have meetings with colleagues and businesspeople and businesspeople in the telecoms industry since Huawei is already operating in Germany, Italy or Japan, I would like to mention the quotidian, who cites from sources anonymous ayant connaissance du dossier.

The United States also envisages the provision of a financial assistance to the countries that have the opportunity to develop their own courses without having to recours aux Chinois.

Réseaux de communication locaux

One of the main inconsiderations, sources, sources in the security of communications from military facilities to the foreigner communes in Germany, in Italy and in Japan, where the military use of the communication channels many if you get of moyens are the most sensitive ones.

This initiative, which reflects the restless ones who are largely outside the Trump administration, risked to add more to the tensions, then you live among the poor countries, what is your business plan or military. The American Civil Guard missions co-occur with the advent of 5G races that allow us to decipher mobile and ultra-fast Internet access and connect with countless everyday objects.

What is the interconnection of the inquiète you made craindre aux Américains note that the use of Chinese equipment makes it easier to spy the voices allowed to chinoise authorities of disturbance or even to interrupt communications.

A part of the march of 22%

Pour autant, and I do not know that Washington really did understand, it was alternatively credible, even if you were in the United States, Huawei was plus or a lot of money after a report of the Congress issued a risk as a risk to the sécurité nationale.

Huawei dominates the world's leading telecommunication equipment with a 22% share with 13% in Finnish Nokia and 11% in the Ericsson Suede, the most commonly used chiffres.

«There is and what is a verifiable source of 5G material for the moment et c'est Huawei», To resume Neil McRae, he is responsible for the architectural architecture of the British opera BT, as a result of an event organized by the Chinese manufacturer for this week in London.

Huawei at all times I am sure of being independent you said that you had used your equipment for spyware or sabote the communications in the countries where your equipment is not used. He said in a report to the Wall Street Journal, in which he affirmed that he was the beneficiary of the clients' «Être sorpresa par le comportement du gouvernement américain».

"Do not try to encourage a government to act outside your jurisdiction", the souligné Huawei.

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