Friday , August 19 2022

Washington warns its allies against the dangers of Huawei China


US government officials have held encounters with telecommunication companies and telecommunicae leaders, as Huawei is already in countries such as Germany, Italy or Japan. anonymous sources of knowledge of the file.

The United States also provides support to countries that choose to develop their networks, without going to China.

One of the main concerns, according to these sources, is to secure foreign communications from US military facilities abroad, in Germany, Italy and Japan, where the military uses local communication networks, they also have their own resources for sensitive exchanges.

According to this agreement, this initiative reflects the concerns that Trump has faced with the administration, in order to increase the volatility of both countries in the face of trade or military.

US warnings will match the arrival of 5G networks, increase mobile access and ultra-fast access and connect everyday objects.

Americans, in particular, use the Chinese equipment to prevent spying or the Chinese authorities interrupt or interrupt communications.

However, it is not certain that Washington has truly heard that there is no credible alternative, although in the United States Huawei was more or less banned after a Congress report, national security.

Huawei markets telecommunications equipment with 22% ownership, 13% of Finland's Nokia and 11% of Swedish Ericsson, according to daily figures.

"It's true that a real 5G hardware vendor at this time, which is Huawei," said Neil McRae, the UK's leading architectural manager, an event organized by the Chinese manufacturer in London this week.

Huawei has always guaranteed its independence and has demonstrated that it has not used communication spies or sabotages in countries that do not use equipment. He reacted to a statement in the Wall Street Journal to enjoy customer confidence and "amaze the behavior of US government".

"We do not have to encourage a government to act outside of its jurisdiction," said Huawei.

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