Saturday , January 28 2023

Wednesday, the Haufor Classes day 4, Turfomania will be a basic game


Fifteen competitors will compete today at the Camargue Prix, the support of the day-care team, at a distance of 2,700 meters in Vincennes Paris.

Classic HauforThis afternoon of Vincennes in Paris will be the afternoon number 4.

Turfomania game base on Wednesday, at Paris Vincennes

Classical Haufor (4): Christian Bigeon's training, Jag de Bellouet's son gradually gets into a good state of affairs, after two years of winning the race, in a few years, a meeting ended two successes. While in recent times he had made an approximate appeal, it would be better at this time than in classics, without his grill, it will be much more dangerous to win. Happy!

Classic Haufor's overall statistics

  • Racing races: 30
  • Earn: 6
  • Place: 15
  • Winning rate: 20%
  • The success rate is placed: 50%

The career statistics of the Classic Haufor

  • Racing races: 5
  • Victory: 1
  • Place: 4
  • Winning rate: 20%
  • The success rate is placed: 80%

Classic Haufor statistics with BIGEON CH. J.

Classic Haufor will connect with BIGEON CH. J. This has been a success in the 44s (4 races in 9 races 4).

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