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"Why did I eliminate the Mbacké bombs … Those who left Macky did not re-elect parliamentarians … By 2019, we're not afraid & # 39;

Dakaractu: Honorable, your coalition is going through the difficult times of Mbacké, Gallo Bâ-Abdou Mbacké Ndao. In addition, the election committee suffered

Yes, in truth, but we must point out that this situation is obsolete. When I realized that mediation was inevitable, I decided to start the process. In a first assembly, called Gallo Bân, to complete the consensus committee, the mayor did not reveal it and was not replaced. Immediately I understood that I was locked up and I was committed to combining it with the room. This is how I did the political heads of Moussa Sakho, Hcct Madame Mbaye, Morane Guèye, Socialist, Mustapha Ndiaye, and Moustapha Bân, as well as good offices. And the two legs had a conversation with the door closed, the mayor would take the committee and the chief executive Sogip Sa would take the cashier's position. Nowadays, peace is found.

Dakaractu: Peaceful, modest facade, after the end of the rectangle of both men always endless

No doubt! But there, everything can be different to select the common candidate again (…). In any case, I could not stop at all and get worse. President Macky Sall connects him some time ago. When it was gone, Serigne Saliou Mbacké was still in this world. I went through the desert and I am very much.

Dakaractu: The President Macky Sall does not prevent the elimination of the final games of elimination. Those who have suffered delay as late as the door you have attached

Those who were not re-expelled and those who did not cut the door did not have the same reasons. Their goals were responsible positions, due to economic consequences. On the other hand, I was President Macky Sall to meet the personal convention. If the president of Macky Sall had been a clothing dealer, anywhere in the world, he was eating rice from my family. And he always showed me how I told him.

Dakaractu: How have you resolved from Lat de Diop from Guédiaway to Touba?

Lat Diop did not attack. Touba is home to Serigne Saliou Mbacké's talibera. Touba can not manage politically two or three people. Lat Diop wanted to make clear that he did not have the message of the secretary or, even, that he had not obtained the appointment of Dg or Higher Counselor. Responsibility posts have already been designated. He also told local leaders that they did not cut their entrepreneurs. It does not need Its role was that the leaders who freeze their activity were happy, the opposition leaders were significantly affected, etc. So no one was embarrassed. Unfortunately, some reaction spores are still not in any way.

Dakaractu: Opening of President Touba President Macky Sall. Already Concerns about Mobilization?

It can not be justified without fear. When President Macky Sall made Touba, people know. Ila Touba is just a freeway as a balance. I do not mention the part of Ndamatou, the hospital being built, and so on.

Dakaractu: Sonko, did you hurt?

Sonko, who is Sonko? I do not know Sonko!

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