Wednesday , January 20 2021

Zouglou: A song that infects a few hours, means that the artist is threatened …

A song has been a lot of comments a day. Zouglou Amaral Fofana is a young artist. header "Lie", this new production shows in a simple way by Amaral D & # 39; Afrik. Given the content of this song, many have had a lot of freedom.

Why are the threats of a song so much? "he wrote on his facebook page.

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For Amarales, this song is the only way to relax the atmosphere of Ivoros. It's not about showing political bias. Zouglou, we say "What people are murmuring" . It's not political , he said in the appropriate social networks. Although the song's video is officially available, here's a controversy. And it calls only threats that the artist receives.




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