Wednesday , January 20 2021

A boy who plays like a little teenager

Hadson Odoi, a wonderful wonderful audience, and Zolin have a goal: a boy, a little teenager

Kalum Hadson Odoi has been the sensation of the night market for the winter market! A boy away from the star star, the island and, in general, the European media do not fill the news columns.

Probably the most talented player in the Chelsea academy has also been dismissed by intelligent football experts and has decided to leave the parent's house and go to Bayern by polarizing the public.

Chelsea uses all the mechanisms used in a week to put in the English striker for a youngster, but it seems Hasan Salihamidzic and Bayern officials do not want to give up. Two days ago he warned that he had made an official request to go to Bavaria, and said he was ready for a 18-month strike, or until the club had changed the environment, and was persuaded that he had once again found Sheffield Wenzende defeated FA Cup and, as a result, he intensified the situation.

He does not remember Chelsea's story. Because Chelsea is "great" and then coaches do not know what that means. After playing against Sheffield, comments were made Hadson Odoi On the field, fans were pardoned and sent a clear message from the post at Chelsea.

He gave his view after the game no ordinary situation Gianfranco Zola, assistant Mauricio Saria She directed the team against Sheffield.
"We all want to sleep, we sang with enthusiasts and sent a message"It was one of the greatest legends of the club during the era Roman Abramovich.
"We did things, as well as many good quality players, but we still assume".

It is not Zola it was sweet He also emphasized, but clearly, they are the most important clubs Five League – A small teenager has space and attention Hadson Odoi.
"I have to point out – If you see large clubs across Europe, you will see it in less than 18 years of Kalum, but it is not what my future is about. There is a code that is not capable of dealing with some code, so I can not get more say ".

Hadson Odoi He is still buried on speculations about new steps.
"I can not say anything, I will continue to work hard and see what will happen.", said the right offense, and even if asked if the answer was not in contact with Bayern leaders.

ironically, Hadson Odoi He received another support from the Chelsea legend, Ruda GulitaHe left Stamford Bridge and transferred to Bayern.
"If it's my son, I would say go and play, because there (Bayern) it can only be better and there is no chair on the bench"he said peel, otherwise an expert advisor BBC.

Hadson Odoi He has proposed a new Chelsea contract in recent days and a salary of 5,000,000 euros per year. Bayern is still waiting, though he is willing to pay 40,000,000 euros in search of Chelsea. But, how Hadson Odoi In the end, it seems that this sum is small … Leipzig also recalled that it is interesting to buy money from Bayern, even at a fixed price. Liverpool is also interested.

This saga will have complications and the latest dissolution …

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