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After another break, he begins issuing certificates to import used cars


The Traffic Safety Agency has hired new director Dusko Pesic and will start issuing all certificates again from next week.

After another break, he begins issuing certificates to import used cars

Photo: Reuters (Mike Blake)

The issuance of all certificates, both on the correctness of imported cars, as well as certificates on gas devices, tinted glass, inserted hook and any other changes, should probably start on Tuesday after the new director’s “signature storage” procedure is completed. for the site Used cars In the agency.

However, even when certificates are printed, the owners will have to wait another day To be picked up at the Auto-Moto Association (AMSS) or any other laboratory to which they have applied.

How about a leaf Today As explained in the AMSS, where almost 70% of requests for testing are processed, their professional services and other laboratories authorized to do so bring a decision to the Agency for verification and signature and then return them to the parties for delivery.

There was no delay in the vehicle testing process at AMSS, nor in the future, but they say, but once all these accumulated permits arrive from the Agency, it will take some time, maybe a day or two to qualify, to be delivered to the parties.

The suspension of the issuance of certificates lasted from November 13, when the term of office of the previous acting director Jasmina Milošević ended, and only the director of the Agency has the power to sign documents such as these certificates.

Because of this problem, there are several thousand vehicles on the Serbian border waiting for customs to end customs and for the owners to pick them up. It’s mostly about cars, as companies in road passenger and freight traffic are less likely to decide to buy new vehicles at the moment.

However, those who bought the car abroad were surprised by the delay in the procedure, which this time was stopped by the Serbian government. The entire procedure has been suspended because the director of the Traffic Safety Agency, whose certificates are part of the import procedure, has not been appointed in time.

And it’s not the first time. Former director Jasmina Milošević has been acting director for a long time, and each time she expired for six months, until she was appointed to the same position, the certification procedure was stopped.

You can check the status of your item (vehicles) by clicking THIS LINK and entering the chassis number (VIN).

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