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ASSASSIN'S CREED ROMA is the path and we may even know when

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The next part of Assassin 's endless Creed saga will return to Rome but it is not a Renaissance, but at the end of his reign of Marcus Aurelius in the midst of his imperial age.

IGN Adrian broadcasts anonymous rumors on the Internet this month before. And while the wrong claims or delusions may be incorrect, the latest series of the AC series have disappeared in a very similar way and, above all, detailed details of the main actions, places and times, and some special mechanics are explained.

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Ubisoft concludes that it does not solve the problems of its QA testers, because the moderation of this information gap suggests that it has come from the smallest circle in its organization. Of course, they're supposed to be right. After the Brotherhood located in Rome, the first Assassi Creed was released for one year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the second part of Ezio's trilogy. Ubisoft is still the most vulnerable in 2019 that we do not get a "real" AC game.

Likewise playful images – Kasio and Lucy, the Odyssey and Origin, are also known as the descendants of the characters. The source is not certain Ubisoft decides the Odyssey character's canon's selection. The game develops Bulgarian Ubisoft Sofía, and I think the code called "Legion". If this is known, we probably have heard the same claims since the end of 2017.

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To make the story even more intriguing, Assassin's new Creed will appear on consumers and end in 2020, according to the same source.

With regard to other projects of this company, Ubisoft will strengthen its portfolio this year with Watch_Dogs 3, which will be located in London, with an unknown insider. The previous Watch_dogs games do not give subtle recommendations, as this series will play a series of series that works as a serial series. Robot and GTA games series.

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