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Bogdanov Atlanta Golden State 2.0

The Atlanta Hawks have decided to attack the championship title.

Stefan Nikoli

Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Photo by Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

So, as you all know, Serbian basketball player Bogdan Bogdanovi is not a member of the Sacramento Kings, but will continue his career at the Atlanta Hawks, having offered him a four-year, $ 72 million contract.

Not only did the Bogdanars arrive, they recently signed a contract with Danilo Galinari, Chris Dan, Raon Rondo and also received the great Oneku Okongwu in the NBA draft.

In fact, Bogdanov is the second game of Serbian origin in NBA history to play in the Atlanta jersey, followed by the first Serbian-born American, “Pistol,” Pete Maravi.

The Hawks have already welcomed Bogdan (a clear association of withered singing), but what does that mean for the NBA league? Why am I comparing Golden State and Atlanta?

You will find out soon.

So the Golden State Warriors formed a serious team by making sensible choices in the NBA draft and making the right professions to fill the holes in the roster and doing it in a very interesting way that Atlanta is trying to copy or at least try to do.

Tre Young is paralleled by Steph Curry, and Bogdan Bogdanov is Clay Thompson in that comparison, although he was initially Kevin Hurter, while Draymond Green will “play” Don Collins, and Andrew Bogut will be Clint Capella, replacing Livingston. There is Raon Rondo and so on. further … You will get the point.

The Golden State Warriors, with an offensive game based on three points, created big problems in the league, forcing many teams to pay luxury penalties to create a better team to fight against those teams, but they failed …

Have you heard of the term “Nellie Bol” or “Point Forward” fashion? Point Forward is a very popular term today, Janis Adetokumbo has been very active in that position at the Milwaukee Bucks with Dason Kidd, Ben Simons is such a game and many will say LeBron Dames.

You know, it didn’t always happen to use tall players as players. Don Nelson was the first to try to confuse it with a two-yard shot when he put Markes Donson’s low wing in Milwaukee in the early eighties to a playmaker.

Then Paul Presse covered the same position, and then realized he could have two good players on the ground, so if Sidney Moncriff and Craig Hodis were together on the ground without a real game author, centers like Aliston Lister are not an offensive threat. placing blocks.

“Nellie Ball” is the kind of box that the Milwaukee Bucks celebrated, they got a lot of points and they played fast, but it still wasn’t that. To achieve the perfection of Nelly Bolen, something else was needed, a little more money …

We now know it as “Run TMC”.

Run “TMC” is a trio that was very popular in this area, and was made up of Tim Hardaway, Mi Rimond and Chris Malin, as you can see in the picture above.

Now, this trio was not selected in a draft, but it took four years to “add all the ingredients,” for Don Nelson to begin the most important time of his coaching career.

Chris Malin was the first to write it, he was picked up from 7th place in 1985 and it looks like a good uterus, which bothered Isaiah Thomas a lot because he often knew how to highlight Malin’s problems with alcohol.

Three years later, Mi Rimond came along, and then the story was “finished” in 1989, when it was edited by Tim Hardaway. There was another co-legend in that group, Manute Bol, who wore the number 10 and Hardaway took the top ten spot.

You’re probably wondering why the term “Run TMC” is mentioned so much, what that abbreviation means, and why it’s so important for this story …

So Run is a fast-paced game with a lot of friction, a small lineup, and a lot of transition weights and points, and TMC “Run DMC” is a model of a withered hip hop group, only those lyrics indicate their name.

Tim Hardavej, Mand Rimond, K (Ch) ris Malin. TMC.

Another very important shelf of this group was the Lithuanian uterus, the Mariunionis arunas, and we must not forget Rod Higgins. The job of these people was to encourage them lots and lots, which was initially characterized as a “wild” coarka.

Not surprisingly, we still hear things like that today.

After 37 games played by this trio (which still bears the famous nickname), Me came with Boston and was the first of the three to score 20 points or more, and will do so 40 times more by the end of the season.

When the 1990/91 season began, the Warriors sold an entire season ticket and it was easier to get into Langley Center than their game, and in real life, who wouldn’t want to watch a game like that?

Don Nelson has been playing this type of basketball for ten years, and the chosen ones showed him some of the power in that year’s playoffs, which you can see in the video attached above.

They started the season with a win of 162: 158, one of the most effective games in the history of the quarry. it was also informative, with the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons playing me the most effective ever when it was 186: 184.

We got a little out of the subject, Run TMC didn’t last too long and they fell apart quickly without much achievement, and the Golden State Warriors fell out when Rimond moved to Sacramento at the end of that season.

After that, Don Nelson moved to Dallas in 1995, and a year later, Tim Hardaway took his withered cross to Miami to wear the Heath jersey, and a year later Malin ended up in Indiana.

In 2007, Run TMC was named the best trio ever in Boston Globe magazine, and they never reunited until Don Nelson returned to the “crime scene” in 2006.

He did not forget what he had planned, a plan, an idea, a game … Beron Davis, Dason Riardson, Stephen Dexon, Al Herringon, Monta Ellis, Matt Barnes, Mikael Pietrus, Adris Biedrins, Arunas Jasikevius …

They managed to accomplish one of the greatest feats in the history of the quark by eliminating the former Don Nelson team, the Dallas Mavericks. He was led by Avery Donson from the bench when he was nominated by Don Nelson and played in the final a year earlier, and now Dirk Nowitzki was the MVP.

They knocked out the Golden State Warriors with first-ranked Dallas MVP Novicki in the first round, and Nelson’s dream lives on. Golden State has not abandoned this system since the 1980s.

They weren’t in the playoffs the following year, and do you know when they came back? Only in 2013. And you’re probably wondering what they did all those years … Well, in 2009 they took Steph Curry, in 2011 Clay Thompson, in 2012 Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, and then they swapped with Andrew Bogut and Mont left the team . Elis.

People didn’t have much understanding, it was said that Don Nelson confused them, that they were crazy, exchanged Ellis and left Steph Curry when he was injured and lost games, and everyone said something else.

Bob Myers, Derry West and Mark Dexon worked together on all of this and eventually Andre Igudala arrived. The Warriors eliminated Denver in the playoffs in 2013 and Igudala arrived in Oakland.

He says the main reason for coming is to invest in Silicon Valley, but we’ll leave that part for another text.

Yes, Steph Curry swallowed the words of many, Steph became “ef” and the victories lined up like a ribbon and in 2015, the title of the first Warriors tournament came under the patronage of Steve Kerr and Luke Walton.

So Don Nelson’s dream is iv. Nelly Bol is the mainstay in basketball and everyone wants to copy that style, and soon that kind of thing will go public. When Kevin Durant arrived, they became one of the strongest teams in the history of the quarry.

The warriors were able to, but did not succeed. They didn’t win three titles in a row, but they will remember that they are one of the greatest teams of all time. There is no more Run TMC but SBDS – Sshopping center Ball Death Squad.

Another name, but it is the same philosophy.

First of all, I want to confirm that I’m not going to explain all this to say that the Atlanta Hawks will be the next Golden State Warriors, an unbearable attempt to change the rules of the Quark.

The Hawks haven’t played in the playoffs since 2017 and it’s hard to become an overnight force. In a couple of years of fashion, we’re not clear … They fulfilled what they promised, they became the core of the “Nelly Bol” or “SBDS” band and now they’re filling the holes.

The key is for Tre Young to have their Steph Curry. Here we can also draw a parallel. They both had a shoe injury at the time they were suspicious (not so coincidentally, heart-wrenching), but they both came into the league with a horrible question.

Recall that Kari Davidson came to the NBA, not a well-known university, and Tre Young came from Oklahoma as an extraordinary mother, but her team, despite a special invitation, did not survive the first round of the final tournament.

They don’t look like players, especially when it comes to choosing the weights and passes they will share and the role of Clay Thompson will be much more important, just like in the original Warriors.

They have two names for the position – Kevin Hurter and Bogdan Bogdanovi. The mid-distance weights will be very important for Lloyd Pierce’s team, as the movement between the blocks will also play a big role, and in some situations the role of a secondary playwright will be Tre Young to free the goalkeeper and overcome the threes.

That’s the fashion. However, the most important fashion and character in Golden State was Draymond Green. There are no such games on the team at the moment, but Don Collins can do the “dirty work” effectively, and we shouldn’t forget Oneku Okongwu.

Andre Igudala was also quite important throughout the story, but he is still the most useful player in the 2015 finals and his place in Atlanta could be covered by Diandre Hunter.

He has similar characteristics and can be an excellent defender, but he will share his place with the experienced Danilo Galina, who will replace Collins in the quarter, and there is also Cam Redi, who is an effective uterus.

So Atlanta has clearly and consciously chosen the lies of the Golden State Warriors. The roles were handed out by the warriors very early on and it is clear that they are very high quality games, especially those that come as free agents.

All the stars were somehow needed. even Harrison Barnes left a place on the apex for Kevin Durant’s arrival. Raon Rondo is a proven champion in the game, and Chris Dan is one of the best backups in the league.

Reconstruction of the Atlanta Hawks is complete. they have to pick, pick and now roll the dice, work hard in training and prove themselves in the regular part of the season and in the playoffs.

It all depends on them. Everything, and that’s why every effort is made to get each team out of the rebuild: to get what they wanted in the draft and to develop those players, and time will show that they have chosen correctly.

It will be very interesting to see Atlanta this season and how much he will really remember with Golden State.

Stefan Nikoli

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