Thursday , January 21 2021

Both malls imposed a fine on him for Black Friday

Sarajevo – Alta shopping centers and downtown Sarajevo were fined 3,500 convertible marks (1,750 euros) for violating epidemiological measures during the Black Friday operation.

Source: Tanjug

Photography: Depositphotos, pressmaster

Photography: Depositphotos, pressmaster

The Cantonal Administration for Inspection said the mall has been fined for failing to comply with the measure on the limited number of people inside the home, for respecting physical distance and for not wearing protective masks.

Earlier, Sarajevo City Center received the same punishment, with 100 people queuing on the ground floor at the time of the inspection. The building was immediately emptied and the inspector ordered all entrances to be closed except the main one.

As a result of the coronavirus virus infection, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been registering a large number of infected people and dozens of deaths for a long time, many people put in miles to buy goods at a slightly lower price.

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