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Božo Vreća, a sick mother, and an emotional message will bring tears to your eyes (PHOTO)


WE LEARNED THAT HE HAS CANCER!  I WON EVERY DAY: Božo Vreća, my mother is sick, and the emotional message will turn MALTES IN MY EYES (PHOTO)

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Božo Vrećo, a sevdalinka singer known for his eccentric style, surprised his Instagram profile by announcing that his mother Mila has cancer.

In the description of the photo, the famous musician posted an emotional message.

“My mom is there and her little hand is in my hand, she wore my beautiful red dress from the concert and I caressed her all day, beat her and said the most wonderful words, I am her strength, she is mine and that unbreakable thread of love is our strongest the spark of courage … We learned that he has almost cancer and now we are fighting together and without fear with everyone as before and I know we will defeat this “evil”, our love will take us as far as possible, life brings difficult and joyful moments and love while there is more life and joy, I want to believe in that, that it will be good and that it will make me happy for many years to come, ”Božok wrote on Instagram.



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