Friday , November 27 2020

Denver’s decision agent: who will protect Kavaja or LeBron?

The Denver Nuggets have decided not to offer a new contract to Tori Craig, which is currently free.

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

The Colorado team has left another free spot on the list and will use Mason Plumley in a “backup” center after moving to Detroit.

That’s why Craig has no place, he was one of the best defenders on the Denver team in the seasons we’ve been behind, so he couldn’t find a place for him.

This move by the Nuggets was commented on by an unnamed Denver koark agent:

Who will take care of Kavaja, Dordo or LeBron?he asked, Denver Post reporter Mike Singer reported.

In addition to Craig, the Nuggets also lost Deremi Grant, which could be a problem because they are great defenders next season.

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