Monday , June 14 2021

Did the "fleeing killer" really die a flegship? VIDEO

The famous YouTube presenter Linus Sebastian, one of the most renowned YouTube channels dedicated to modern technologies, the Linus Tech tips, is an "experiment" that is very interesting.

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Printscreen YouTube / Linus Tech Tips

Printscreen YouTube / Linus Tech Tips

As a result of the spectacular performance offered by the Xiaomi Piofoniar F1 model in the North American market, around $ 300, Linus made the "lens rifle" almost "fidelity device" without additional investment.

Although Pocophone F1's hardware component praise, Linus found the mistake of Xiaomi's MIUI interface with Andronid, citing its disadvantages, that camera performance is disturbed because this device could not compete with the classic devices of the same manufacturer.

For this reason, Pocophone decided to make the "flash" of the Android factory and then installed the Android operating system based Open Lineage OS. The software is supported by some global mobile device manufacturers and is about 185 different models, including OnePlus, Nexus and Google Pixel.

For this reason, Linus allows you to demonstrate a bit of "mastery" software with a smartphone that offers an excellent and affordable software to make it a little bit more expensive for Google's Pixel 3XL mobile phone.

Printscreen YouTube / Linus Tech Tips

Printscreen YouTube / Linus Tech Tips

After the installation of the new installation system, the "flegship killer" software and additional applications were identical with "fatalities".

Linus says that Pocophone camera has improved performance and detects a better and more noticeable edge at a portrait.

Given the negative side of "intervention", Linus states that after completing the process to complete the process, LineageOS has been installed in front of the unlock front face detector and is the owner of Xiaomi Beetle. It loses the device warranty.

The entire Xiaomi Pocophone F1 conversion process was included in the Google Pixel 3 XL video.

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