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DR RADOSAVLJEVIC WARNED A SILENT SYMPTOM OF PULMONARY REFLECTION AS A RESULT: Even if you don’t notice this problem you won’t know it.

The doctor has explained that it is a symptom that is rarely missing, and you should not associate it with the lungs at first!

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At the height of the epidemic, each of us at least once, after coughing, thought, “Isn’t that the crown?” and hurry to check the temperature. Fever, sudden cough, chest pain, cough, and difficulty breathing are typical signs of coronavirus infection, but also pneumonia. Experts warn, however, that these symptoms may be present in a number of patients, even if the lungs are affected by the infection.

Kovid-19 is a respiratory disease that attacks the respiratory organs, and the elderly, people with impaired immunity, and patients with chronic diseases, such as heart disease, asthma, cancer, or diabetes, are at risk for pneumonia. This virus can cause many breathing problems. Pulmonologist Tatjana Radosavljevic says the symptoms range from mild to severe breathing problems.

He explained that as the disease progresses, the virus descends more and more into the respiratory tract.

Therefore, he noted, you should pay attention to these symptoms.

The first and most common symptoms of pneumonia are fever, shortness of breath and shortness of breath, chest or back pain, rapid breathing and palpitations. Sometimes with this condition there is dry cough and cough. “In terms of Covid-19-induced pneumonia, the X-ray shows bilateral pneumonia, and lung shadows or stains are most noticeable, and the most difficult image is called white lungs,” he said.

However, Dr. Radosavljević said that the aforementioned symptoms may be present in some cases. He then stated that it is about asymptomatic pneumonia.

“Sometimes there may be some symptoms, so patients don’t know they have pneumonia and should see a doctor right away. That’s why I recommend checking your lungs for the first symptoms of coronavirus, in addition to testing. One of the rarely missing symptoms is: lhope of the heart, which is certainly a sign that a lung scan should be done. If it is unchanged and your oxygen is less than 95 percent, that is a sign of hospital treatment; so in that case a lung scan is done, ”he said, and in severe cases oxygen therapy is necessary and in severe cases a connection to the respirator.

“Patients with a lighter clinical picture do not need mechanical ventilation, those with a more severe clinical picture are given oxygen through regular oxygen masks. If that oxygen is not enough to exchange gases in the blood, then a mechanical ventilator is used. Take a respirator,” he explained.

“Crown is a virus that“ loves ”the lungs, which means it tends to infect these organs and mostly passes through them,” Radosavljević said.

MONDO urges you to follow the recommended measures: keep your distance, wear a mask and avoid gatherings, which is the only way to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

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