Monday , January 25 2021

Everyone surpasses me / EXCEPT THE VIDEO

Diego Maradona had several love affairs during his life, one of which is related to Rosio Oliva.

She didn’t hide that she likes fairer sex, she also had a lot of kids, and one of the daughters joked that all three are missing out on having a football team of heirs.

The last wife of the legendary footballer was Rosio Oliva, who had been in love with him from 2012 to 2018, but not married.

That relationship ended in an accident, as well as in a lawsuit, but they were in contact as Rosio claimed. They saw each other before the pandemic of the crown virus began in March this year.

Immediately after learning of Oliva’s death, she was a guest on Argentine television and told the camera that Maradona’s family did not allow her ex-boyfriend to say goodbye.

– Everyone passes except me. It hurts me not to let it in. You hurt Diego by not letting me in. I’m his last wife, no one understands that. They tell me to come at 6am with all this people and a wider audience. Claudia says it has nothing to do with it, no one takes responsibility. Shame. I don’t know why they do it, I don’t provoke anyone. Diego was my ex, I say goodbye and say goodbye. I have to say goodbye, ”complained Rosio Oliva.

Then he continued in the same tone:

– He wanted his last breath to be there. I will definitely be a companion, but I will get ugly. Only we know what kind of relationship and love we had and how much we fell in love. When the pandemic started in March, I didn’t see it again, but we had nothing to wait for. We talked nicely on the phone. She was beautiful, she had a heart of gold. Few have seen people as kind-hearted as he is. I have fond memories, Diego loved me so much. It fills my soul. I feel very sad, Diego was a very important man in my life. I will always remember it forever. He was sympathetic to me and my family, ”said Rosio Oliva.

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