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Gajić: The police will threaten to take care of me if there is no protection plan – Politics


The chairman of the People’s Party’s Legal Council, Vladimir Gajić, a lawyer, said today that the head of the Kikinda Police Administration, Dušan Glišin, “can only tell his subordinates what to say,” but not himself.

Gajic: The police are threatening to take stock of me, do they have a protection plan if I don't take 1Photo: FoNet / Nenad Djordjevic

“The head of the Kikinda Police Department, even at his public address, threatens me as a de facto lawyer warning me that I should take care of him. I ask him – if I don’t consider it, do it Interior Minister Alexander Vulin, who has a protection plan,” Gajic and the Party asked Popular has announced.

As Gajić points out, “Glišin’s comic says that the police are at the service of the citizens, taking into account the results of the police over the last ten years”.

He pointed out that the police in Kikinda had issued a certificate to Svetlana Kozić, a member of the General Directorate of the Popular Party, after protesting against the conduct of the police.

The chairman of the People’s Party’s Legal Council earlier today said police in Kikinda had been “severely abused” by threatening Serbian Progressive Party Svetlana Kozic for alleging “illegalities and irregularities” in the “Dragoljub Udicki” preschool organization’s work.

Kikin police chief: Gajić must be taken care of when presenting unproven lies

Dusan Glisin, the head of the Kikinda police administration, dismissed the allegations of Vladimir Gajic, a lawyer for the Popular Party, that Kikinda police officers are acting on the orders of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and thus intimidate citizens.

Earlier this morning, Gajic said police in Kikinda had been “severely ill-treated” by the Serbian Progressive Party for transmitting threats to General Party member Svetlana Kozic, a member of the General Assembly, for “illegalities and irregularities” in “preschool” Dragoljub Udicki.

In a statement issued to the Interior Ministry (MUP), Glisin said the police are at the service of the citizens and that Gajic should be “careful” when presenting “baseless and gross lies”.

“In the specific case that Gajić is talking about, the police acted according to a report submitted to the Popular Party member Svetlana Kozić, the acting director of the‘ Dragoljub Udicki ’preschool organization,” Glišin said.

He added that the police have reported everything to the prosecutor, noting that there is no element of criminal action, “so the case should be reduced to a private case, with a recommendation to warn Svetlana Kozić of her behavior.”

Svetlana Kozići said she was given a certificate about the incident and described “the actions of the police and the measures taken.”

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