Tuesday , November 24 2020

Google Stadium will come to the iPhone in the coming weeks

The IT giant has announced that the Stadia streaming platform will soon start working on iPhone phones. Google has confirmed that it will happen in the coming weeks. Until now, Stadia was limited to Android phones, computers, and TVs, and due to Apple’s strict store rules, it has so far been unable to start working on iPhone phones.

The idea is yes you don’t have to have a set of computers to play the latest games over time they gained more and more admirers. The concept of the service is that you can always play from anywhere on the Internet, phone, tablet, computer or TV. You choose games like Netflix and play them instantly, no matter what “hardware” they play on the Internet.

Google Stadium is different from other streaming services in that the user pays for the full game as usual instead of monthly, but there is no subscription to the service. Others who want to pay $ 10 a month will get a high quality stream, but will soon be able to play other games.

Source: cnbc

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