Saturday , January 16 2021

GRANDA REGISTRATION CARTRIDGE NEAR-NO-ACCOUNT: A violent combination singer pushed her breasts and she was wearing RUCI! (KURIR TV) | stars

Jelena Karleusa is playing a jury for 10 minutes later.

1/10 Photo: Sonja Spasić

The singer appeared in front of the "Star Granda" studio, with a serious expression on the face, a red combination and a sharp combination, and was asked for a hearing, since it was not ice cream.

photo: Sonja Spasic

The security told the reporter that there was a meter in front of the door, and when Karleus was close, the three security guards welcomed him.

photo: Sonja Spasic

JK made a deep ground and emphasized the curves, and had the energy drink all the time.

photo: Sonja Spasic

After Karleau, Djordje David arrived, almost snow was parked.

When a photographer took it, he jumped with them and said:

"Just take my fins.", Photo: Sonja Spasić


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