Thursday , January 28 2021

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If you bought a new computer Windows 10 operating systemHere are some tips.

You should check it first settings related to updating the operating system. To do this, you need to open it Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update. Here you can set the time you are on the computer so that it does not restart when you need it. b92.

Check the operating mode and power consumption

Energy saving is very important with any computer. To see what’s happening here, select Settings -> System -> Power and Sleep. At this point, specify when the screen turns off. If you choose Additional power settingsHere you can choose a special way that suits you.

Rename the computer

Your computer’s name appears on OneDrive, Microsoft Web Services, and other applications. To change, press Windows + X i Rotate System -> About -> Rename this computer to put a new name. Restart the computer.

Make a backup

Just in case, you should use USB to “recover” your computer if something interferes with normal operation. To do this, you need to write recovery in the search box, then select Recovery unit, and dial Back up your system files.

You can launch the tool Reset this PC to a Windows recovery environment.

Clean the bloatware

You have bloatware common name for applications pre-installed on your computer. Some of them are anti-virus tests, mini-games or even Microsoft Office tests. However, they often take up too much space and are useless. This is especially true of ads.

To deactivate the ads in the Start menu, select Settings -> Personalization -> Start -> isključite Show occasional suggestions in the Start section.

To turn off the lock screen ads, select Settings -> Personalization -> Lock screen -> Image or Slideshow.

To view ads on the taskbar, select Settings -> System -> Notifications and Actions -> isključite Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows.

In addition to this, you can deactivate and Show me the Windows Welcome experience after the updates and when I sign in.

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