Wednesday , November 25 2020

He lives in Austria, and here is their relationship today

The legendary White Button frontman, Goran Bregović, has an illegitimate daughter, he admitted, and now has great relationships.

Goran’s love happened to Sarajka Jasenko, who was dancing at the time, and her pregnancy was completely unplanned. However, Brega acknowledged in his father that he currently has a married husband and children living in Austria.

Žejka does not appear in the media and does not engage in public works, and as it was written, she has a close relationship with her father.

Goran Bregovic

Photo: Rajko Ristic / RAS Serbia

Goran Bregovic

Of course, since Dženana married Bregović, Goran has three daughters: Ema, Lulu and Una. Looking at Brega’s origins, his father is Croatian, and his mother is Serbian, his wife is Muslim and his three daughters are from different religions.

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