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Healthy food causes these mental illnesses

The addition of sugar adds to the bipolar disorder, and it consumes processed vegetables and additional foods, contains a large number of yeast, depression, and research.

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Photo: gettyimages

Photo: gettyimages

"This, like other studies, can be very important for conducting medical therapy," said Dim Bant, a research professor.

According to him, the doctors must control the effect of feeding mental health. However, to give a final answer to this question, more research is needed.

Loma Linda (USA) of the Naomi University (USA) found a link to food health and mental disorders and was published on the "Medikal Express" website.

During the experiment, Nauns analyzed data from more than 240,000 telephone surveys in 2005 and 2015 as part of the California Annual Health Survey.

The people who had used a lot of healthy foods in the diet had already been told that they were more healthy in mental disorders. The doctors concluded that almost 17% of the respondents suffer from mental disorders, 13.2% of them moderated and 3.7% less.

Bant concludes that the results of the study are due to the results of saline research conducted in other countries.

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