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I decided to stop smoking and I did not blame him

Surely burning your ears is not healthy, it's damaging to you and your people around you. I'm sure the only product that says die, And it also buys people and I will not tell you why you should leave it burning. However, to everyone who wants to stop, but before going out, I've broken a good recipe. For a 15-year-old cigarette, I think it's a good way to get rid of "dry" on my lips.

It would always be the idea, beforehand, to try to say, "I was better than smoking than just rubbing my nerves." Of course, when my nerves were not tightened, I only burned – the rhythms that burned when everything was potamine, when it was hard for me, When I'm hungry, when I'm hungry and when I'm sitting, I'm excited, it's boring, when I need to concentrate, I have to relax … Literally everyone, on the other hand, I thought I did not get stressed out when I was out of the cigarette and was not in the vicinity. when it's time to spend at the airport that does not burn when it's time …

I did not exclude the list of reasons for "against" and "against", which advised therapists. Many experts felt that I was very passionate about the consciousness that I felt and when many people said they were burning by smoking smokers, they saw it at the time, Berri Txarrak. So he can not, and does mean, I do not wait for that moment.

And so I decided to burn a plague, and a little bit to make a plan. It was difficult to have a tension. Cigarette dependence is said to be as equal to heroin dependence, it is essential to burn fat and talk to patients about smokers. I was sorry, but I need information about what to do with this process. Drinking a lot of water means that you need to drink a lot of water, you need to exfoliate vitamin C and B, every time you shower, so you can avoid alcohol, pain, tastes, and drinks before you get out of the poison. just like I have completely taken and created tactics, and if it fails, the B plans that I have heard are quite effective.

The first test was the day. In the morning I bought sunglasses bag in the shell, which I usually did not like, but something that helped me in a crisis situation. Unfortunately, the solution was completely unacceptable by shaking my hands, and I let it clear, I was sitting on the ground and cried like the rain. They did not particularly help women who pushed me on the bus and when there was almost an incident. They were useless, the kitchen sneaked at one point, but I returned half an hour and a half in the back of my pocket to absorb my nerves.

I continue to see the seeds of the purse unfortunate, but in the following days I started developing my "compassionate" techniques – your body, a regular and balanced dose of nicotine, and even more complicated in your mind. The point is, I'll try to resist my cigarette situation. At first my daily routine made sharp changes.

For example, the first morning coffee I avoided with coffee, instead of a cup, a tea flavor that had a great flavor would not improve cigar. Otherwise, I do not want to clean my teeth, so I used to be when I was home – when I think of the plague I cleanse my teeth. Or I threw myself into the shower until all the water heater is exhausted. After lunch, I get so much water to be sick. It's not nice, but it works, start the bar.

And it does not matter to me as I am a real lunatic, while taking me a bit of my attention and doing it absolutely irrelevant and obliging me to buy – to go to a store to buy sweets, wrap up a lot of creams during the day, with one single yoga essay, with glasses with the coming colors and shapes, the exercise I spend for more time in the gym and the calories, the stupid games on my cellphone, I started preparing and occasionally I started to do work makeup. when i got up early …

Every day I drink vitamins and I notice the problem of concentration, I began to drink gin capsule. I do not know whether it really works or I try to do it, it does not exist altogether. In this case, I think the purpose is to justify the paths, and it was enough for me not to confuse myself. Otherwise, it was very busy, because these jumps are the best times of work. I have not lost, but I have cigarettes in my mouth instead of sweets or lollipops, and I am not in any way unforgettable.

Yes, another major case in my case, I stopped smoking when it was all around me. First and foremost, I will be able to understand all my crises, emotional emotions and enormous anxieties. Secondly, however, if I were to give it a public defeat and I know myself, I will make every effort. In addition, in this type of company, it is a type of side help, no matter how much you fight.

However, first of all, it means changes that you will notice on your own.

After two days after the last cigar I coughed in the morning, and people did not notice "pale green." After a week, I started to feel a lot of things that had a burning smoke on the tobacco, and it was a bad thing, I was so annoyed and I felt a bit more flavorful and aromatic. It did not matter two weeks later that I realized that all of this campaign was pretty modest, I did not expect to completely decipher it for the first time in the end of the month.

However, despite everything, the day is still tempted to sit and get half a hell in a bucket. Fortunately, physical dependence seems to be very rapidly treated, and if I get up and down today, it slows my head and prevents the patient, it paints my head and my lungs and sweating get dirty and my heart flows and returns to "regime" I did ".

And today, after a great decision and without smoking on tobacco nationally, 20 days later, I woke up and my cigar was not the first thought. I hope this is the first sign of the victory of psychic dependence.

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