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In Honor 8X Android Pie Update series, When Honor 8X gets Android Pie

Honor 8X HONOR is one of the most popular devices. It represents a combination of advanced technologies of the most attractive designs of the most attractive designs. HONOR 8X features: minimalist design with COF technologychip-on-film), 6.5 inches Full view screen, a camera with artificial intelligence GPU Turbo and 2.5D homes Aurora glass with double texture.

The new operating system provides an intelligent and user-friendly environment, making everyday activities more enjoyable and easier.

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The new version of EMUNI 9.0 mobile user interface, in the second half of March, will be available to HONOR 8X users. Users of this model will receive it Hota (upgrade the network, download the Wi-Fi connection required on the internet) until April 11, 2019.

Based on Android 9.0 Pie operating system, EMUI 9.0 provides innovation and a user-friendly environment for users. Security, artificial intelligence, phone management and its functions are used to a minimum.

One of the greatest innovations EMUI 9.0 user interface password savingPassword bargain) which provides more security and user data.

With a new update, users can also develop artificial intelligence potential, especially those who use it HiVision – digital assistant for travel, purchase and translation. It's just used by camera HiVision Options include more information about surrounding objects located on the user, returning the unknown text or searching on the screen image on the Internet.

Additionally, new user interfaces also offer the design of wireless content; Therefore, users can project presentations, photos, videos or video games on larger screens (PC or TV) directly from the device.

More options in the offer, more enjoyment

EMUI 9.0 is designed as a simple operating system to make the phone faster and more user-friendly, removing unnecessary processes. The new version improves the performance of the device by 12.9% and significantly reduces the time of execution of the application.

The new navigation system reduces the number of menu and options by 10% and is much easier to use. 9.0 Another feature of EMUI is UX's natural design, which guarantees the integrity of the interface, with a minimalist style inscribed with natural features.

HONOR 8X It is also available with retail partners and mobile operators and is in charge of protecting your face Ivana Španovićwho met Prague in the premiere of this unusual phone. If you have not seen it yet – Find out in detail, before knowing what your class is getting, that is, as it is still unusual.

Price Honor 8x 4GB RAM phone. 64 GB of memory is around 300 euros.

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