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It is not excessive: here's how much Eater can eat for Easter


The huskies are at the time and are caught because the eggs are painted in different colors, although they are of uncertain quality and not how they work. Some colors are not the best. Also, take a Easter calculus, because you can not overdo it and eat too many eggs.

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Photo: digieye /

Photo: digieye /

this is the advice of the mice to make the colors really dangerous, how to protect the eggs, prof. Dr. Jagoda Jorg, a nutrition specialist.

"When we cook, we have a one-layer layer and the egg has small pores and everything goes well and it would act as if it were not a coat," said Yorga.

It's about natural foods that give colors, for example, onions, flowers, no risks, says the doctor.

"They are colors that have passed the control of food, it would not have to be in any danger," he says.

"They say they can eat it for seven days when they are kept in a frider. If they are at room temperature, they can not eat in seven days," he added.

As long as we can eat eggs in Easter, Dr. George has said that this has long been "renewed".

"There is not a great dilemma, for a long time, two or two eggs a day. If you only have belly and five eats, but only two doctors," the category is Yorga.

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