Monday , September 26 2022

MITAR IS NO LONGER THE ATTACKER OF THE WHOLE FULA !? They put him in the first chair, and now he doesn’t play …


The London club coach explained what the problem was.

Source: MN Press

Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrović is out of season and no longer a secret. The Premier League season didn’t start as he had hoped, and he added to that has failed against Scotland that is why Serbia lost the chance to go to the European Championships.

He still seems to be under that impression and that’s why Scott Parquet “removed” him from the team, so Mitrović didn’t start the Fulham game in three games.

This is happening after his duties with the national team, as Mitrović came off the bench in the games against Everton (32 minutes) and Leicester (3), spent the whole match against Manchester City (2: 0) and was not in the manager’s plans.

“It didn’t hurt. I saw the game so easily and what the team needed. I thought that was the best option we could have had a problem with.”said Parker.

Fans are upset that Fulham’s top scorer from last season has suddenly become a reserve, and statistics show he’s not doing well. He only scored two goals – both in Leeds ’defeat (4: 3), and also missed a missed penalty against Sheffield United (1: 1).

“There will be a lot of talk about Alex, but he will still have a big role to play for us this season.”, added the Fulham coach.

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