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"NEK" CRKNU MAMINE MAZE ": Professor at Topola revealed why he dismissed the students | society

M. Luković |

February 28, 2019 20:51 |

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Vesna Stevanovic explains what's behind, as she claims to be a profound and unbelievable prediction on Facebook. The school will initiate the procedure and analyze the case

I was wrong. I was amazed at the joke, and I did not intend to harm anyone, especially my student. Therefore, I absolutely apologize to all, he said today In the telephone interview called "Novosti", Vesna Stevanovic, lecturer at the "Karadjordje" school at Topola.

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The professor, as it has been said, has been an enthusiastic and unwanted advertisement, says the social networks are guilty of saying that he has no intention, but the responsibility is also ready. Second grade students took Vrnjacka Banja recreational classes and then wrote "Facebook": "Church-mothers are unprofitable with us" The thoughts of students in Topola.

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– I knew what was going on, I would never have written a post. I talked in conversation because it's "fatigue, pain". I wrote that because they are losing us on this trip, said Vesna Stevanovic has been training for 32 years.

He wanted, he adds, it's a shame that the kids who stayed in Topola were not friends, because Vrnjacka is beautiful.

The school will immediately begin the process of this case immediately for returning students and teachers from classrooms.

– In this case, it will be a disciplinary procedure – according to Ivica Milivojevic's director. – I do not think it was necessary to write something like that. On Monday, after returning from Vrnjačka Banja, I will be interviewing my colleagues and take action as dictated by the law.


Parents of children do not think it's a bad teacher. They went to school, however, to help. These include the parents of the children who did not attend Vrnjacka Banja.

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