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O & # 39; Neal: Karim Abdul "the" FREE VIDEO

Ekil O & # 39; Neal, the legendary basketball player of the NBA, mentioned Nicole Joker's action in an interesting way against the Oklahoma City Tander.

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Images of Rick Kern / Getty Images on American Express

Images of Rick Kern / Getty Images on American Express

"When he arrived here, Sacramento Kings played a playoffs"He said in other things O & # 39; Neil Inside the "NBA Inside" show.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, the Serbian center won Nagetse with the Tander victory, with 36 points, nine returns and 10 support.

He played with super-charged coaches at some moments; So, in the second place he sold Steven Adams and he was "well-sold".

NBA TV TNT, Eckel O & Neal, Chris Weber, Kendes Parker and Beron Davis, commented on the most interesting details in the first half.

When it was part of Joki Adams, he was part of "Karim Abdul Joki", Citing Karim Abdul Dabar and his" sky hook "in the best NBA history.

In the show, Jota and Nagetse were greatly praised and a Serbian basketball player was placed Top 5 candidates with MVP.

"Denver's back is what I love all the points. They are very aggressive, they can create themselves, but for others. They are moving well without the ball. But the real player of this group is Nikola Joki. He returns the ball to the field, with Duck-and-Roll playing "Kecom", then puts the ball on Damal Maria. He (Joki) is his player. The bulls have much more freedom"said Beron Davis in the postmaster Nagets team.

"In the second year, they told me in the NBA: "It's better to play in the game". I did not know what it means, how did I find out about it one day? That's exactly what happens with Joki. It's a coach you need to travel to a rack, you will not duplicate it, but when you fall on the wall of the ball, it needs defense. When does he, how can saigraes be better? Add these balls. He wants to know how to get points, but if he doubles, he sees everything"About the game, Ekil O & # 39; Neal said.

The part about Davis and O & # 39; Neal Jockey is 14 minutes. Initially, O & # 39; Neil is called the first part called Jokia "Karim Abdul Joki".

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