Monday , November 30 2020

ONE IN THE HOSPITAL INFECTED WITH A BOTTLE, AND THE OTHER AT HOME? About Dr. Zdravković’s criteria for joining the organization

In early March and April, patients with mild crowns were also hospitalized.

Source: MONDO / Stefan Stojanović

The criteria for admission to the hospital have changed since then, which is why there are patients with pneumonia who are cared for at home, but also another group of the same age, with symptoms and health risks, who have been admitted to the hospital.

We asked him if the patient would be arrested Dr. Marija Zdravković, Director of KBC Bežanijska Kosa.

People over the age of 65 with pneumonia should be hospitalized. As for the younger ones, if the inflammation is small and the other parameters are good, are usually released for home treatment with mandatory control. It is important to have good therapy and prevent the disease from progressing“, Explains Dr. Zdravković for the WORLD.

marija zdravkovic
Source: MONDO / Stefan Stojanović

If about with both lungs inflamed, the patient must go to the hospital, regardless of age and health status.

It is uncomfortable when the patient has inflammation, and we have no hidden assertion. If the PCR is negative and all the symptoms are present, we are not sure what it is. It is dangerous to be in a kovid hospital because they may not have a kovid, and they cannot be admitted to other hospitals because there is a risk of having that. That’s why we need to carefully monitor such a situation from day to day until we know what’s going on, ”he says to our portal.

He said a lot has changed and doctors have learned a lot about the disease, treatment and protection compared to the first wave.

At first, you do not know for sure how to dress in a space suit, remove the visors. Masks and how to play so trained. You have a dose of fear because you don’t know how much the equipment protects you. Now we are used to it, we know that the equipment is good and we do everything automatically. There is great caution, but no fear. I think we know two things for sure nowand, that the mask should not be removed and that 100 percent immunity does not exist”.

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