Wednesday , January 20 2021

OSTEGUN BEAUTIFUL: sunny sunny, snowy and snowy at night New

MONTH OF TIME: sunny sunshine, sun and snow

Illustration, photo: Reuters / Illustration

BELGRADE – Serbia, today is changing, with most sunny areas in the afternoon and mountainous and mountainous, snow, announced the Hydrometeorological Services of the Republic.

In the afternoon in the north and in the afternoon and at night and in the central and eastern regions rain and snow are expected to grow stronger. It has a moderate and sometimes mild wind. The lowest temperature will be from one to seven drops and at zero and five degrees.

In Belgrade today, they will be sunny, steep, and in the afternoon and afternoon there will be short-term snow. Moderate drizzle, occasionally strong, wind. The lowest temperature will be divided into two-tier seats, the highest is three degrees centimeters.

The bi-meteorological situation of most chronic diseases is quite harmful.

Caution is advised when patients are heart and cerebral. Rheumatic pain and flexibility are possible in meteorites.



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