Tuesday , January 26 2021

“Professor of Medical Faculty kovid vaccine safety comments: all skeptics should read”

  • Zz

    The biggest impact on everyone would be if the entire state leadership were to be with honey. in front of journalists with professionally approved vaccines (if there are more, distributed proportionally) in Serbia, regardless of origin (Russian, Chinese, etc.) …

    • Shampoo


      And if everyone in the Republic Square lined up and received vaccinations, the faithful believer Tom would comment on the way he was vaccinated, of course, probably sugar water. I see no purpose in convincing ourselves. Anyone who wants to get vaccinated will do so, anyone who does not want to be convinced will not change their mind. And you don’t have to. Everyone knows what is best. We make our own decisions

  • SerbianBeck

    People are “scared” because you are so “stuck” with this vaccine. Whoever is vaccinated, let him live … let him who is not vaccinated, let him die !!!!! What is your problem! ????????

    • Boba


      And what is your problem?

    • men


      Usually, the reason why they attack their lives is for people who don’t want to be vaccinated, it makes sense unless you know the vaccine is a scam!

  • Meet

    Tandara mandara broch! In the end he didn’t even say anything …

  • WWW

    Ask microbiologists …. what doctor what copper …..

  • ?

    I’m not sure how they give us these vaccines, we are the first, for example, to get them from the Russians … And why didn’t the people get the vaccine …? I don’t understand that, they send vaccines to Serbia and their people haven’t received them yet … Are we guinea pigs or a very important person? The most important thing in the whole world !!

  • Zoki

    Did you get vaccinated when you were optimistic.

  • Pedja

    All those who have been systematically pollinating and poisoning this country since 2006, since the signing of the NATO aircraft permit, should be punished in accordance with the committed weeks, in a package with those who will poison us with vaccines at all costs!

    • Question


      Are you claiming criminal liability? Do you have any evidence? Do you think no one would react, no one? How is the virus worldwide? If it is poison, how is it transmitted through drops and how can it make someone sick and someone not? Let’s explain the news slowly …

  • old shit

    Here you have another prophet and a psychic.

    • Mimi

      @ Boža zemunac

      Another Stone Age answered. Kremenko, where did you get your phone? It’s advanced technology and they follow you through it. You don’t have to have a chip. They already know who you’re writing about, what you’re writing about.

  • Zoran

    When you’re such an expert that you don’t fight for an autopsy of the supposedly dead from the crown. Prpa a.

  • And

    “Although Kovid 19 medicine remains unknown, new coronavirus vaccines are being developed in parallel.”

  • Zeljko

    Ooooo, here’s another one, for the Mile baker ads and we’ve completed it

  • Pussy

    Thank God, finally an experienced and enlightened man

  • conspiracy theory

    As far as I know, is it forbidden to produce and market transgenic Serbian food, and at the same time give people a vaccine that changes the genetic code of our organism?

    • GP

      @conpiration theory

      No, you see, those who give you minuses say that the trade in transgenic food in Serbia is allowed. They probably know something that others don’t know, so I wonder when it’s allowed? Please answer these minuses.

    • And

      @conpiration theory

      Gossip nonsense, the vaccine does not work that way, educate the illiterate.

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