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Sloba has announced it is due to Luna’s pregnancy!



2020.11.18. 10:05

Sloba Luna Marko

Sloba Luna Marko, Photo: Photo: YouTube / Printscreen /

Luna Djogani is in her third month of pregnancy and is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Marko Miljković and her ex-boyfriend Sloba Radanović has commented on the good news for the first time.

Last night, Sloba was a guest on the “Amidži show” session, and then she also answered questions from viewers via Instagram.

– Did you congratulate Luna on her pregnancy? – was a question for Radanovic.


– No, I wish you the best in life, but what can I congratulate – replied Sloba.

Recall that Sloba then cheated on his wife Kija Kockar with Luna in the first season of “Zadruga”, and after a few months, they broke off the relationship.

Recall that last night there was a storm in the Cooperative, namely Kristijan Golubović caught fire with rage, all the brakes were released, he jumped and shocked the members of the cooperative WITH THIS movement!

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