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STARS WOMEN'S DESSERS Before the young man returned to the girl and cursed, he said: "NEMOJ, BRATE"

Dimitrium tucovica's commando murderPhoto: Jelena Zigic / RAS Serbia

Milos M. (24), student Cacak, died today in Belgrade, Zvezdara district, when he was supposedly returned from a girlfriend. The young man came from the afternoon in the late 20th Street on Dimitrija Tucovica, where he lived with his classmates.

An unknown attacker cut shorts on his youth with a knife, and the wounded milks unlocked the door and entered the apartment with a multi-apartment apartment that built the housing rent. Jaws and injuries were heard remorse were all neighbors, so Emergency Assistance and Police quickly reached the scene of attack.

– He had more hives on his chest and his arm. Certainly, there was a serious situation in emergency situations. They said in an ambulance.

Despite the rapid response from the doctor, the young man died of injuries sustained at the Emergency Center. The wages of Zvezdara building, where the crime occurred, are now astonished. They slept at night, all of which was sent by Miloš remorse.

– I heard some noise and noise, and then the whistle. Everything happened quickly. Emergency doctors found themselves in the corridor of the building, in an unconscious state, – says a neighbor.

According to a constant testimony, a white jacket was involved in a conflict, a suspicion of being a murderer. Apparently, Milos said: "No, brother!" He came out earlier than this. Still, the cause of murder is still unknown …

The police investigated the tenants of this building, as well as on the road. They did not know all the young man.

– All of us have been in this house for many years. We have seen few. He also had a roommate. They had a pretty boy, the neighbors who appeared to the corridor. Noise and noise had been made, like other tenants. They were really boys. The knight who had been killed learned and nobody else knows. Everyone heard the rumor all morning. Guy also got injured, unlocked door and entered the building. Still he fell into the corridor. The police went from apartment to apartment, examining all the tenants. Then he took his roommates to the audience, said the tenant of the Zvezda building.

Cacani, who is well known to the injured student's family, is disbelief. As we have learned, Milos was the son of famous medical cacao.

– He was a man. Very well educated and good boy. His parents are also wonderful people. He is a son of a renowned surgeon who saved many lives, and is his mother's dentist. I can not believe it has disappeared any more, "said Milosevic's friends.

An unfortunate young man was a fanatic Partizan and almost did not miss his favorite club of games.

– You loved partying, went to the games, but it was not in the hooligan. Could it be a fan now that this cruel act, or perhaps the dilemma for the murderer, should be justified? Terrible – Milos's friend said: "Vecernje novosti" writes.

When Miloš was born, well-known people released them from social media.

"Another young life has gone down looking for a madman who travels freely with a Belgian knife. I grew up with children … First, he told me when Nemanja found a girl, she broke up and drank … Why would you always be in the heart, our family thoughts and prayers, "wrote Čačanka Jasmina P.

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