Monday , January 25 2021

Stefanovic opposes RTS

The Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, has said that journalists in Serbia can do their job freely and this can be seen in "a variety of media".

As Stefanovic said in the newspaper, the police have said they are paying close attention to journalists and all threats.

"As you have seen, in a large number of cases, we soon came to the authors and prosecutors," Stefanovic said.

On March 16th, on Saturday, March 16, "five million" protest protests were difficult to predict Enter the Radio-Television Serbia building"This means that the people who are going to protest are violent and willing to do something wrong to make a crime."

"Everything indicates that there will be another peaceful protest," said Stefanovic, adding that the police cords would create reactions to the police as a "criminal intimidating" organization. peaceful protests ".

He said police had not complained about protests and that the police reacted to the law despite the "provocations that caused and some" the level of attacks by protesters.

"It was important for me to send a message to the police, journalist or long-lived attacks that were not compromised," Stefanovic said.

When talking about Kosovo and Metohija, Stefanovic said that the security situation in this area is complex and that all foreigners should be cautious, "because there can be a scourge between negligence, not only in the Serbian territory, the whole region."

"Our job is to try to avoid conflicts and scales of violence," he said, and that the international community must be more responsible and allow for instability.

Stefanovic also discussed with Kosovo's independence-independent countries and to prevent entry into the Interpol.

"If the EU has taken a duty to bring a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristine, it will be waiting for the end and then talk more," Stefanovic said.

In his opinion, the SDP leader is a complex investigation of the assassination of Ivan Ivanovic's initiative and is "sustainable, everything must be verified".

"Safety professionals and our police know what they are doing, what they do is not telling the story, and the story of Kafansk, each one of them is determined by controlling the reached levels," he said.

Stefanovic has added the services of foreign partners in Serbia abroad, "trying to drive some vehicles and individuals."

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