Tuesday , January 26 2021

Tamara Đurić bought the first gift for the heir, but everything from the size of her chest was left in the background (PHOTO / VIDEO)

He wants his daughter to be a copy of him …

Tamara Đurić

Tamara Đurić, Photo: Photo: Hello

Tamara Đurić he would have to say sadly “giving” to the chosen one, Nikolari, on June 28, in Vidovdan, when weddings and festivities were arranged, but there was a change. The pregnant asterisk had to postpone her marriage due to a pandemic caused by a coronavirus.

Having an advanced pregnancy doesn’t stop the famous star from posting provocative photos and recordings on her Instagram account and of course her features are in the foreground.

This time, Tamara showed her breasts first, barely holding the size of her T-shirt, more than she wanted to show.

Tamara Đurić

Tamara Đurić, Photo: PrntScrn

And then he showed the first shoes he had already bought for his beloved.

Tamara Đurić

Tamara Đurić, Photo: PrntScrn

Let us remember that the extraterrestrials are due to give birth at the end of December, she and her husband have already decided that the daughter will bear the same name as the mother. (Tamara).


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