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The battle continues: It is important to come "Volkswagen", the location is irrelevant

Festive – An excellent opportunity for Volkswagen and the countries that should be the host of that investment – big deal.

Source: RTS

Photo: Depositphotos / hiro1775

Photo: Depositphotos / hiro1775

The business of these years has been carried out by the Indian Municipal Company, so its offer is already at the table at the Wolfsburg company.

Vladimir Gak, the president of the Indian city, believes that it is not necessary to provide "Volkswagen" with municipalities, towns or any other purpose, but it is important that the investor will determine first in Serbia, reports RTS reports.

"In this case, we are only gaining status as a state. Location is absolutely important, the Serbian economy is sinking sharply, and the country's valuation, economically and economically, becomes much more serious," said Gak.

With regard to the potential that India could offer, Gak indicated its geographical position, that is, the position between two major Serbian cities – Belgrade and Novi Sad – and, accordingly, the two largest economies. In addition, the E-75 motorway is close to the Budapest highway in Belgrade.

"In our industrial zone, you can imagine that people who work for thousands of workers can be potential, from Belgrade to Novi Sad, 15 or 20 minutes," said Gak.

As with the other awards that India has with other places, Gak signed ten investments.

"Families are companies – what are the households, which aspects – we can attract in the last two years, which has more than 1,000 jobs, and I recall that the unemployment rate in the Indian municipality is at 4.2% today. Jobs are down by about two percentage points, which is It is also a low rate in European cities, "said Gak.

He adds emphasized that the only city that could have only the Serbs Indria, infrastructures, positioning and human capabilities. According to him, there are about three million people around 50 kilometers around India.

The final decision about choosing the "Folksvagen" factory is still awaiting. President of the Indian Town Council said land ready and that the industrial area will demand the largest and most demanding investors. However, he says that this can not always be an agreement.

"It is necessary to know what to do and how to talk with investors, to give confidence." The first formal steps, that is, the signing of the contract is the hardest thing to do when you signed the contract, and then it begins to design, build and issue permits, "said Gak.

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