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The boyfriend tried to kill himself and he got married, and today he has published a new famous TENNISKER SERBIAN.


11/28/2018. 14:45

Five years ago, everyone shook our breasts, a man almost killed himself.

Bojana Jovanovski

Bojana Jovanovski, on the right, Nino Jankovic and Jelena Gavrilovic, Photo: Alo! / D. Briza

Sernaian tennis player Bojana Jovanovsky announced that he was retired.

The first Serbian team, remembered by people, among other things, after the horrific news of 2013, when his boyfriend jumped on the bridge Pancevo, also revealed other priorities of his life.

"Dear friend,

The first chapter in my life was the last page. The decision was cumbersome, tearful tears, long mosaic compositions, and the thesis of the ZA and the PROTIV thesis, however, led to a mixture that led to a mixture, but after a new chapter. Yes, end! When finishing something that ends, it may be a reason for duration, but to reach levels that are painful to "stof", life and go.

Bojana Jovanovski

Bojana Jovanovski, Photo: Private archive

My professional career is over. I made the decision difficult, after many thoughts, to dishonor myself, because one side still wants to walk in the field, it still wants to compete, but the body does not have a lot of injury and injury.

Unfortunately, I can not play it and use it to play it before I did it, and until now I did not get a good result, but without going through it, there is nothing to go forward. I will not satisfy and fill out professionally. As a player, I'm not happy with the average, I have done a lot of work in the fields, I did great results, I did not get the most, but I did not enjoy it. Tennis gave me a very unique, unrepeatable life. I have been able to watch tennis throughout the world, get to know all the meridians, friends survive.

Bojana Jovanovski

Bojana Jovanovski, Photo: Alo! / D. Briza

I know they will leave the tennis scene that has been going on for the first 20 years since I made the first tennis, but when everything is summarized and removed, I think that this is a correct decision.

I always remember the first blows of a small yellow ball, the promise was not the first matches, but it did not break me … When I went on triumph and went to the junior high, the WTA scene went up to eighth place. Certainly, something that always responds in my ears, the echoing of eternal life is Belgrade Arena 2010 fanfare. When I debuted at the Fed Cup in Serbia.

Bojana Jovanovski

Bojana Jovanovski, Photo: Private archive

Under a Serbian sports court case, I won the best results I had, the three titles I received at the WTA final, the title of the World Cup title in the Fed Cup competition, I always and always play Osasuna with heart, strength and honesty.

Tennis is still part of my life. I'm not leaving plans and strangers. It is sure that, apart from the end of psychology studies, what is now the role of number 1, I will continue to play tennis with the coaching summons. It was tennis and my love remains, my life, it will be forever.

I thank everyone for loyalty, support, energy, love these years. It will not be the same with you. I would like to thank my family: mother, father, who spent the years with me in the ground, I lived with one single point, the second in my tennis, my sister, my wife. We will go to new victories to create new sports stories and goals, "wrote Bojana.

Since 2016, Serbian tennis player Miloš Petrović has been able to marry.


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