Monday , January 18 2021

“The guarantees obtained were not so motivating in London”

Novak finished the year in first place, but also lost to Dominic Tim in the London Masters Final.

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The Austrian was better in the excellent match against Novak in three sets, before losing to the Russian Danilo Medvedev in the final.

Coach Marijan Vajda Okovi spoke about the end results of his student’s season.

Novak fashion was not so motivated, as by the end of the year it had almost secured a place in the “world unity” at the Beau championship.“, the Slovak tried to justify.

It is symbolic that in the last tournament in London, before going to Turin, the Russian won, just like when Nikolai Davidenko won 12 years ago.

There is so much symbolism. It’s been beautiful all these years in London, but now the conditions have been tough. We were in a balloon. The tournament carousel could be restarted “..

According to Wajda, the new season will be very demanding and especially with the opening of the Australian Open on December 10th.

It will be very tough from an organizational standpoint. We’ll see when the Australian Open starts and whether there will be a prep tournament, always on schedule. It would be great if there were balloons like in New York and Paris if everything happened in the Melbourne complex“, he concluded.

What is known is that there will certainly be no ATP Cup, in which Serbia won the trophy with the strings.

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