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The image says more than 1000 words (VIDEO)

The image says more than 1000 words (VIDEO)

These photos do not require explanation. Michael Antonio has strengthened today's many photographers to record a momentous outcome of the derby London match between Tottenham and West Ham. Every word is useless …

Tottenham had swallowed bitter defeat for the first time he was allowed to use the new stadium and West Ham interrupted the four consecutive series without victories, as it was the most delicious. 0: 1 (0: 0) The Champions League is not a stage.

A celebration Michel Antony After a minute of victory in the 67th, he described in detail the personal, that is, probably all of West Ham's feelings in Tottenham. Especially when the competitor of this derby had a great result!

Naked action was very clever and clear. Newcomer to England Declan Rice He had fun on the balcony in the center of the central park and he found himself on the right side Mark Arnautovic. The Austrian representative of the Serbian breed sentenced to the downtown without thinking of the heart of Tottenham's penalty Ben DavisHe jumped the ball high Toby Alderveireld and a "town" leg Michel AntonyIt was not difficult to master it Uga Loris and throw it in the fans of the trance.

Tottenham's failure will be quite difficult. First of all, because of the decisive moment of the season, when the Champions League Championship is compromised. Secondly, in this case, Tottenham reflects the lack of a killer instinct Harry KeaneThree days before arriving in Ajax, we leave a lot of doubts and concerns in the same place … After all, Tottenham players have only one defeat. They fought against the fate and did not know that when they dominated the majority of the former, two or three major opportunities were lost. Sona, Lucas and Eriksen

For this reason, the singer's victims of his impotence were the continuation of the game and eventually the group Maurice Poketina It was lucky, everything was over. Then after Mičelovog West Ham has lost two great opportunities to fight Tottenham. The first one had forgotten them Antonio, and it did not last long Isa Diop.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester are now the "channel" and Tottenham have no single point in the last two rounds. Otherwise, Tottenham would probably be in a position not considered to be the Champions League … Now, how things are doing, everything will end.



Liverpool – Huddersfield 5: 0 (2: 0)
/ Keita 1, Mane 23, 66, Salah 45, 83 /


Tottenham Hotspur – West Ham 0: 1 (0: 0)
/ Antonio 67 /

16.00: (2.50) Fulham (3.35) Cardiff (2.80)
16.00: (2.70) Crystal Palace (3.15) Everton (2.70)
16.00: (1.90) Southampton (3.50) Bournemouth (4.10)
16.00: (2.70) Watford (3.10) Wolverhampton (2.75)
6:30 PM (2.20) Brighton (3.10) Newcastle (3.60)

13.00: (2.75) Lester (3.40) Arsenal (2.50)
15.05: (18.0) Barnli (7.75) Manchester City (1.15)
17.30: (2.75) Manchester United (3.05) Chelsea (2.75)

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Photo: Reuters

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