Thursday , January 21 2021

The immunologist explains how long we can drink vitamin D VIDEO

Strengthening immunity should be a daily concern, and not just in health crises, such as the coronavirus epidemic. It is natural to be very interested in this subject, so they are looking for answers on several pages. There is a lot of unverified and unreliable information, advice and recommendations.

Source: B92, TV Prva

Photo: Printskrin TV Prva

Photo: Printskrin TV Prva

Prof. Dr. Borislav Kamenov, an immunologist, said it is important to take vitamins C and D daily, as well as zinc and selenium, to boost immunity.

“Immunity is built throughout life. It is also created before birth, during the stay in the mother’s womb … Everything would take a few weeks to pass vitamin D. It is necessary to raise vitamin D levels to raise that vitamin in the body. Time,” he said in the “150 minutes” session. When he was hosted by TV Prva.

The doctor said vitamin D can be drunk all winter and “we can’t overdose.”

“Vitamin D is not ingested through food, it is ingested through the sun. When it is not enough, we are in a huge deficit,” he noted.

He also spoke about the importance of probiotics, noting that they are important when our “body is full of viruses and toxins.” About food and whether natural probiotics exist, that they exist, that they exist, and that many people know. However, when someone has a problem, natural probiotics do not help.

He says, for example, that sauerkraut has benefits that help normal bacteria survive.

“Probiotics protect us from viruses … and those with vitamin D act as a supplement,” he said, adding that the statements should be read because certain preparations can be “quite harmful”.

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