"Beloved parents of children with no cancer: here was my baby in chemotherapy, accidentally the goddess was accidentally exposed to the store.

1. One month he was in prison. As if it were not enough, at the age of eight he underwent chemical treatment. Add an impossibility to leave this house.

2. When we arrived at a pediatrician / oncology, they had to discard other patients and get acquainted with the details of the exhibit that came out of the room. Cancellation treatment for other children has stopped.


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3. They had to close and purged in the place where they were, because they were impossible for other children.

4. In summer, the house had to wear a mask on its face. Maybe you might not think it right, but you think you are eight years old, it's bald, you're a bone, you do not have any eyebrows or eyebrows, and you need to wear your face mask in the public.

5. It should be an injection that promotes the development of white moths, because it will cause severe bones. Fortunately, there were plenty of white blood cells and there was not much to go.


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6. Our oncologist had to spend a lot of time with an infectious worker to understand what is needed at this time for the clinic and children. When I cried for agility, they told me that they had no children to receive this painful therapy.

He was lucky for a year, so he did not leave school. He's lost three months now when we started chemosin. He had to miss another one. Reduce your children. And you're flu vaccination. Make compassion for the immense children's immunity because immunity does not work properly, "he wrote.