Monday , January 25 2021

THE ROAD IS IN FULL SHOCK! She was the most beautiful in the Balkans, and then she gained weight with a BREAKING HEART! He drank sedatives because he was a boxer, and he kissed the other in front of the camera! / PHOTO /

Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev recently broke off his long-term relationship with fellow countrywoman Andrea, a famous folk singer.

The lady has revealed the whole truth about a 13-year-old relationship.

The Bulgarian folk singer wanted to commit suicide and told her that she had gained weight out of sad love.

– Glory is a double-edged sword. It brings me income, but I already feel panic when I walk into a restaurant and meet the eyes of others. The price I paid is high. I lost track of who I was and made my health worse. If you want to be on top, you have to forget about privacy. I worked 24 hours a day and didn’t even have time to breathe. I became like a robot. Fame changes people, their outlook on life. There is no cheap meal when you want to eat at an expensive restaurant, as I said. At one point, I lost my sense of personality, because if you want to be on top, you have to forget that you are a human being. Kubrat couldn’t understand me, he broke me, I started taking sedatives. I realized I had been trying to live in a fictional world for a long time. The kiss I experienced with Jenny Sushi was a conflict of reality and fantasy that I experienced. Then everything broke down. When everyone was against him, I was with him, I defended him and I didn’t want to give up … – said Andrea.

You certainly remember when Kubrat Pulev kissed Jennifer Ravalo and this event was discussed at length:

The wife loves her husband despite the problems and scandals caused by her. In an interview after a fight in 2019, the boxer kissed a journalist who had filed a lawsuit against the Bulgarians.

He admits that he got into the car out of sheer rage, turned on the music and started driving fast, without thinking about whether he would survive.

– I had no idea I was going through the red and he could hit a tree with a car. I just wanted that, and that was a mistake – admits Andrea.

Andrea Sofian was born 33 years ago, although as a teenager she won many competitions, including “Miss Sofia” and “Miss Tourism of Bulgaria”.

In the meantime, he started singing, so he also received awards at many festivals in the field. Her Instagram account is followed by more than 332,000 people, and her provocative photos are often “liked” a lot. Andrea Jelena is very similar to Charles, although their popularity on the aforementioned social network cannot be measured.

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