Wednesday , October 27 2021

Today, a stormy wind will blow, reaching 140 KM per hour in the south of Banat!


DRAMATIC WARNING FROM METEOROLOGISTS: Today there will be a stormy wind, reaching 140 KM per hour in the south of Banat!

Illustration, photo: Beta / Dragan Gojić

BELGRADE – In the first ten days of December, there will be a strong south-easterly wind and storm in the Košava area, with hurricane gusts south of Banat, the Republican Institute of Hydrometeorology (RHMZ) has warned.

The strongest wind gusts are expected today and tomorrow morning, between 100 and 140 kilometers per hour south of Banat, and between 70 and 80 in Belgrade. On other days until December 10, the maximum wind gusts in southern Banat will be up to 100, and up to 60 kilometers per hour in Belgrade.

IllustrationPhoto: Beta / Emil Vaš

It will be cloudy, hot and windy in Serbia today, and the fog will be in some parts of the southwestern valley in the morning. There will be clouds in the Timok region with heavy rain. In the evening and at night, heavier clouds come with rain from the southwest.

The lowest temperature will be between two and nine degrees, the highest between eight and 15 degrees.

It will be cloudy and windy in Belgrade today. A moderate-strong southerly and south-easterly wind will blow with a strong storm. The clouds arrive during the night. The lowest temperature will be around eight degrees, the highest around 14.

Weather conditions are not beneficial for most chronic patients and sensitive people. Possible meteoropathic reactions include headache, muscle aches, and irritability.



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